The world has changed. The walls of ice that once covered the continents have receded and humanity is free from an endless winters ice grip. For over five hundred years civilization has been able to grow and prosper, and the different peoples of the world have reunited. But they too have changed. A hundred generations have grown, lived and died without contact to the outside world. Many distortions and mutations have taken hold, and now humanity is fractured into numerous sub-races, each suspicious of the others. Worse, the Forged, initiators of the Great War that saw a nuclear exchange that caused the last ice age, have managed to survive. Though the world of Farlight seems doomed to another destructive war, many of the strains of humanity, as well as the Forged, have managed to unit under the One World government. Now they seek to recolonize their shattered world. You are on the forefront of the war for survival, facing the bandits, rouge Forged and terrible beasts that beset your colony. But for one with quick wits, and a quicker draw, there is profit and power to be had.