Tag: Muad'dibb "The Prophet"


  • Stub Revolver

    This Stub Revolver was the very first weapon "The Prophet" used and he decided that it would be the only gun he would use. For if he never uses another gun. Then this gun will always be with him. This will in effect be a way to see the future through the …

  • Staff

    The Prophet recieved this staff from his Monastary to assist him in the "rite of desert crossing". It is the symbol of his monk order etched into the head of the staff and it is meant to reveal the only safe path through the desert.

  • Chaincoat

    This was the armor that the monks gave him for his journey into the sea of sand. "The Prophet" has decided to keep it on at all times as part of his rite of desert crossing. For he has yet to return to his monastary and complete the rite.